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Road Accident on NH 28 near Kajiinda chook
Posted by :Gulshan Kumar Level :city (Muzaffarpur, Bihar ) Type :common Issue Category :Traffic

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I would like to concern about the road accident near kajiinda chowk National Highway 28. last few time some fatal road accident meet in this area, and result is person leave their life on the spot. i think The main reason of the road accident is the georiphical figure condition, one state highway divided from kajiinda chook and goes to Hajipur, this reason the vehiclemove from one road to another. another reason is improper traffic system from this area. in the evening not proper lighting have been main divided area.
I would like to inform local administarion and national highway 28 authirity that please check the accident  report of last few year in this area.
arrange a proper traffice system, install a highmustered light near the divided area.

Thanks & Regards
Prashant Kumar
Vill- Madhuban
PO SIlout
Ps Maniyari
Ps Muzaffarpur

Neead A Highmustered Light On Kajiinda Chook NH 28



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